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This is a challenging market for renters, but don’t lose hope. We can help you find an apartment that fits your budget and checks each box on your must-have list.

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Our Criteria


You must have a voucher or your monthly income must be at least 3X more than the rent (ex. $500 rent needs $1,500/mo. income)


No evictions (we'll hear you out if you have one, but you better have a good reason one was filed)


Criminal record- misdemeanors are usually ok- felonies may disqualify you


Credit- low score may be ok, credit is reviewed but we understand if yours isn't perfect


Pets- must be under 40lb or a registered service animal- non-service animals will require a non-refundable deposit and possible monthly fees. Please note that any damage caused by the animal will be your financial responsibility.


Your best bet is to complete the application and we'll look at the circumstances

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