Property Management Services in Columbus, Ohio


Owners and investors who trust us with their assets are our first priority, always.


We increase what you earn. Higher rents. Lower expenses. More ROI.


We stabilize under-performing properties and we’re not afraid to take on difficult projects.

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Incentive-based pay without the BS nickel & dime fees

Property management pricing rarely makes sense. We’ve encountered a lot of management companies that can’t (or won’t) explain their pricing model. At Realize Property Management, we keep it simple. Our rates are property-specific and based on asset class, location, and condition. We’re fair. We’re forward-thinking. We won’t leave you feeling robbed.

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You know value when you see it. Here’s what we include with our management services.


Structured owner calls to review property and manager performance.


100% transparency and access to information and reports on your terms.


Comprehensive asset and property management with long-term capital planning.

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Keeping units full at market rates is our top priority; it’s the foundation of profitability



Our checklist style approach to leasing units ensures only the most qualified tenants are placed


This is the “make-it-or-break-it” metric and turning over units on time and budget is paramount to your success


Understanding how your property is performing requires planned and proactive communication at regular intervals.



Bringing all the pieces together and keeping everyone protected requires careful oversight


We use a detailed planning process focused on preventive, rather than reactive maintenance to eliminate surprises

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This is not business as usual. Let us show you how good property management can be.


Managing 500 diverse units.


Working with investors in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, all of central Ohio and the greater Midwest.


Leading the local market and the industry with more than a decade of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What types of properties do you manage?

A: Multifamily apartment buildings make up most of our portfolio. We also manage single-family homes and mixed-use commercial and residential space.

Q: How do you decide who to work with?

A: We specialize in multifamily, apartment, and portfolio management and most of our new clients have a minimum of four units. If you need flexibility with this, please talk to us. We will not work with owners who have properties in areas we do not serve.

Q: Can you help me invest in a property?

A: Yes, we work with investors from all across the country who are looking to make their dollars go further in our market. We’ll help you identify an opportunity to complete a 1031 exchange. If you’re referred to us by a partner real estate agent, we do not compete with them on sales-related activities.

Q: Will you handle my accounting?

A: We contract with an impartial, third-party bookkeeping service for all your property management financials.

Q: What are the terms of your management contract?

You can view a sample management agreement at any time. Often, we’ll customize our agreement to the unique needs of your property. You can cancel our agreement at any time without penalty. We only ask for a 30-day notice.

View a sample commercial property management agreement

View a sample residential lease

Additional Questions?
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“Three things that set them apart are responsiveness, data-driven, and client first”

Julie Lam


“Brandon and his team at Realize Property Management are an invaluable part of my boots-on-the-ground team in Columbus OH. Being and out of state investor, I can’t always be on top of my properties or what’s happening with them. He’s been able to oversee rehabs and take distressed and underperforming assets and get them stabilized for cashflow. I really appreciate his ability to look for ways to save me money not just during the rehab, but in repairs and maintenance as well. I’ve had other managers and he’s not the type to just call and say “The toilet broke. What do you want to do?” He will either give you with several options (for bigger repairs) or just use his network to fix it quickly without even bothering you with it. He’s also an investor himself so getting insight and experience is super helpful when I was starting out. He helped me a ton with the section 8 process and getting a great tenant placed.

The only thing I would want to change is speeding up the rehab turnaround time. I understand part of that is not his fault because of the lack of sub contractors and people not showing up, but I’d like to see him add more team member and scale up. I would not mind paying more for an additional project manager person to oversee all the renovations and keep subs on track, thus getting a rehab done quicker so we can get tenants placed quicker. Overall, I am very pleased with the services I receive from Realize and I look forward to scaling up my portfolio with them in the future.”

Benjamin Layman