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Our Why
We’re here to ensure every client realizes the full potential of their investment by providing the highest level of customer service, transparency, and accountability in the industry. We also believe that every individual that wants a safe and clean place to call home has that opportunity.
Owner-driven solutions built around your individual needs
100% transparency and accountability
Dedicated staff at every level of operations

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There’s a lot that sets us apart from other Columbus property management companies.

Relationships are one of those things.

Our Approach

Property management is more complex than sending a rocket into space, but at the end of the day, it’s about focusing on fundamentals.

Turning Units Over Quickly

When the rent revenue stream is interrupted we’re flirting with instability, which can have a catastrophic impact on profitability. Our goal is to assess condition, build a scope of work, renovate, market, and place a tenant within 30-days of vacancy

Keeping Units Filled at Market Rents

Our systems leverage technology to automate the rent increase process…we have guaranteed annual increases for every lease on every property we manage. And we have a dedicated social services coordinator to assist tenants that are unable to pay rent

Reducing Operating Expenses

If your expenses are not declining every year, we’re not doing our job as managers. Routinely monitoring your expenses and looking for cost savings opportunities is key to your success. We offer quick hitting weekly update reports along with planned quarterly calls to explore cost-saving opportunities

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Realize Property Management
Our Philosophy

As a company, our guiding principle has always been to help investors realize the full potential of their investments. Long-term success comes from consistent actions over long periods of time…focusing on fundamentals. At the end of the day, our job is to house people and keep them housed and stable for the long-term. As investors, we can realize the full potential of our work in the form of profits. Our approach to generating profit is simple:

  1. Keep units filled at market rates
  2. Eliminate reactive management by implementing proven systems
  3. Knowing where all the money is, all the time. Our promise is to provide the highest level of customer service and transparency in the industry.


“Asset diversification through residential real estate has been key to growing wealth. We can rest assured REALIZE is managing our portfolio professionally and transparently.”

Aarohi Bhat

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